Hormonal Contraceptive

Forget the trip to the doctor’s office? Get a prescription for up to 12 months of birth control pills​

You can start or refill your birth control without a doctor prescription. Our pharmacists are certified to furnish hormonal contraception such as the pill, patch, ring, and shot.

There is no age restriction on who can get hormonal contraceptives from a pharmacist.

​Our certified pharmacist will ask you to complete a questionnaire with your medical history. The pharmacist might also take your blood pressure, if the contraceptive you’re requesting poses a risk of high blood pressure.

Before providing you with the birth control, the pharmacist will make sure you know how to use it and will discuss its effectiveness, potential side effects and the importance of receiving other preventive health screenings. The pharmacist will also note that birth control medication does not protect against sexually transmitted infections.

If birth control is not available at the pharmacy, or if the pharmacist determines you’re not a good candidate for birth control, he will refer you to another health care provider for follow-up care. All birth control should be covered by insurance, according to the Affordable Care Act. Onetime assessment fee maybe required. Please talk to pharmacy staff for detail.